Real wildlife conservation, real community interaction

Make lifelong friends

Share once in a lifetime experiences with like minded people from all over the world

Community Engagement

Local villages provide much needed resources and staff for the reserve and volunteer operation. Volunteers give back through school visits and anti-poaching education

Live the passion

Getting close to nature like nowhere else on earth

Rewarding work

If you can handle a few hours of gardening, you can keep up with the importantfarm to wild rehabilitation work on the reserve.

Focus on learning

As a volunteer at Motse, some of your time will be spent learning to identify individual predators like lion and leopard, or how to track animals in the kalahari sands.

Safari on the cheap

Safari goers pay well to visit the exclusive Limpopo-Lipadi reserve, while volunteer work allows you to see all of the same rare and exciting African animals without the hefty sums…

Motse Eco-volunteers prides itself on having no animal contact

There are many unscrupulous ‘volunteer’ experiences in Africa, usually allowing touching of orphaned animals, which seem like great experiences, but contribute little to conservation and can be ethically and morally dubious. Our animals are wild, and we like them that way.

Fun, factual, fulfilling…..

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Endangered Species Monitoring

The reserves pack of endangered african wild-dogs are monitored on a regular basis through the radio collar


Farm to Wild Rehabilitation

Volunteers help remove invasive cactus and other species, and to regenerate native grasses and trees

Community visits

Regular visits to the two local villages, Moletemane and Tsetsebjwe help resolve conflict with wildlife and bring education and value to the local communities

Spacious living

Maximum of two people to a room are accommodated in a large rambling old farmhouse

Modern conveniences

The volunteer house boasts hot running water, electricity, lounge area and free WiFi

Three meals a day

Price includes home cooked meals catering to all needs

We've dropped our prices for 2017!

save $150, covers all main meals, accomodation and activities.
USD710/per week
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Typical activities offered at Motse Wildlife Eco-Volunteers


  • Wild Dog tracking, identifying individuals and other observations.
  • Introduction to the on-going leopard research and lecture on identifying big cats, taking photographs of lion, leopard and cheetah for research purposes
  • in house lecture on field data collection, using the cybertracker and other systems, early morning vehicle Trip using the cybertracker unit to collect tracks of animals on the road spoor survey
  • Night spotlight drives.
  • Day trip to collect vegetation data on trees and grasses, with emphasis on bush encroachment management techniques.
  • Birds survey sighting vs calling survey.

Reserve Management and farm to wild rehabilitation

  • Field trip with the anti-poaching unit, large animal tracking
  • Field work on construction of burms to slow erosion
  • Weed control (seasonal :queen of the night, prickly pear, thorn apple, water hyacinth, grass by electric fences).
  • Inspection of beehives and other measures to protect infrastructure from elephants.
  • Repair of infrastructure such as game fences and waterholes
  • Removal of fence posts, wire and farm ruins.
  • Repair of damaged roads


  • Lecture on Community conservation and poaching, identifying weeds
  • Village cultural and school visit – Tsetsebjwe or Mathathane. Education program.

Coming soon

  • Bushman experience, walk and spoor tracking introduction. lighting a fire etc.
  • Lecture on elephant monitoring – focus ethology and feeding ecology, elephant monitoring exercise

What past volunteers say about us…..

I absolutely loved my time at Limpopo-Lipadi. It is extremely difficult to put it into words how amazing it was to experience the African bush each day and how lovely the local people were. I can honestly say that I will never forget my time there, from the things I got to experience, the people I met and got to work with and importantly the lessons I learned. I still can't believe some activities I was fortunate to be a part of and experience from the community visits, the incredible game sightings, tracking animals, watching the sunset numerous times behind a magnificent baobab and listening to hyenas whoop and lions roar while I tried to fall asleep. Truly unforgettable. Limpopo-Lipadi is such special place in the African bush, once in a life-time experience which I wish I could do again.


Kim J.
Gauteng, RSA

A remarkable experience and memories I will keep with me forever! Limpopo Lipadi is a beautiful reserve and we were spoiled to see lions, leopards, eland, cheetah, elephants, antelope and of course the famous wild (painted) dogs during my stay. We performed our conservation duties daily amongst wildebeest, abundant bird life and even a lazy rhino! It was a privilege to be so welcomed by the lovely staff. Daily life always carried a surprise and the other volunteers I stayed with are stuck with my friendship for life 😉




Set on the banks of the famous, beautiful Limpopo River

One of the most unique and beautiful wilderness locations in the world, Limpopo-Lipadi game reserve is easily accessible and remote at the same time. Botswana has a strong conservation imperative, and is working to improve the livelihood of the peoples who live alongside the wildlife. You can play a part in that journey….

Stable Country

Voted the least corrupt country on the continent, Botswana has a stable currency, empowered and fair government and a friendly relaxed attitude. 

Unparalleled safety

Botswana is the safest place to be in the region, with almost non-existent crime and a dependable police and defence force, your safety is assured.

Easy to travel

With good roads and infrastructure, it is easy to get to and from the reserve, and see other parts of Southern Africa

Mammal Species



Volunteers at a time

5 African Lions

The game reserve has five resident lions. Volunteers help out with monitoring their movements, social interactions and diet.

20+ Leopard

With more than 20 identified individual leopards, volunteers will learn how we identify each one, and aide in monitoring their behaviour

16 African WildDog

The game reserve is home to a healthy pack of the incredibly endangered African Wild Dogs. The pack is continuously monitored by volunteers

35 African Elephants

With a breeding herd and several bull elephants on the reserve, Limpopo-Lipadi is able to better preserve the natural eco-system

700 Zebra

The most iconic African species, plenty of Zebra will signify that you are truly in Africa

600 eland antelope

Africa’s largest antelope species, aloof and mobile are common on Limpopo-Lipadi

1500 wildebeest

The cornerstone of a healthy African eco-system, the wildebeest graze the savannahs, and provide food for hungry lions

Unforgettable Wildlife Experiences

African Nature, up close and personal

Diversity in work and play

Fulfillment through work,

Many volunteer opportunities either never let you out of the vehicle, or just make you work without seeing wildlife. At Motse, everyday is different.


Short science and nature lectures

Learn how to track and record nature, identify predators and search for radio collars…

Monitor wildlife

With concurrent research on lions, elephants, leopards and vegetation. your monitoring efforts are helping real science get done. 

Outdoor labour

Get outdoors, in amongst the dirt and feel like you’re having an impact….

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