Our pack of 17 wild dogs happily traverse the whole game reserve.

A Limpopo-Lipadi Initiative

Wild Dog Research

Three¬†students will take up research on the wild dogs in 2017. One will be looking at wild dog dispersal in the region, another will look at the impact that safaris’ can have on wild dog and lion interactions, and another will be looking at the health and population demography of the Limpopo-Lipadi pack

Tammy will use a non invasive camera trapping technique to monitor how lions respond to human caused environmental factors.

How does human behavior affect endangered African painted dog behavior?

Highly social with individuals that care for sick, injured, and elderly pack members, African painted dogs are endangered. Populations decreased from half a million individuals to approximately 6000 due to human-related activities such as snares and habitat loss. We aim to understand the scale of a new threat, den disturbance by humans, and evaluate its effects on painted dog behavior and growth rates through zoo collaborations, den camera monitoring, and photograph analysis.