Volunteer Activities

Typical days on a volunteer program will cover most of these activities


  • Wild Dog tracking, identifying individuals and other observations.
  • Introduction to the on-going leopard research and lecture on identifying big cats, taking photographs of lion, leopard and cheetah for research purposes
  • in house lecture on field data collection, using the cybertracker and other systems, early morning vehicle Trip using the cybertracker unit to collect tracks of animals on the road spoor survey
  • Night spotlight drives.
  • Day trip to collect vegetation data on trees and grasses, with emphasis on bush encroachment management techniques.
  • Birds survey sighting vs calling survey.

Reserve Management and farm to wild rehabilitation

  • Field trip with the anti-poaching unit, large animal tracking
  • Field work on construction of burms to slow erosion
  • Weed control (seasonal :queen of the night, prickly pear, thorn apple, water hyacinth, grass by electric fences).
  • Inspection of beehives and other measures to protect infrastructure from elephants.
  • Repair of infrastructure such as game fences and waterholes
  • Removal of fence posts, wire and farm ruins.
  • Repair of damaged roads


  • Lecture on Community conservation and poaching, identifying weeds
  • Village cultural and school visit – Tsetsebjwe or Mathathane. Education program.

Coming soon

  • Bushman experience, walk and spoor tracking introduction. lighting a fire etc.
  • Lecture on elephant monitoring – focus ethology and feeding ecology, elephant monitoring exercise

About Motse Community Development

Community and Nature


– Career awareness visits

– Education in Conservation visits and activities

– Research skills


Apprenticeships in hospitality and sustainable businesses

Sustainable Business development

Natural Resource Management

Natural resources that can be sustainably harvested without damage to the ecosystem (mopane worms, mopane trees, quartz etc) sold to co-operatives.

Provide a market for goods produced to the required quality

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To help stimulate the grow of the grasses, we started a new experiment with NewSil in the grazer exclusion plots. NewSil is a product based on stabilised silicic acid and is mainy used in the agriculture. It has not been applied in wildlife yet, but is the results of...

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